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2023-2024 Initiatives

Education & Arts

Ensure all stakeholders are vested and committed to providing a quality education for our students to prepare them for a global economy. Educate the community through a voter outreach program on how their political involvement influences the ability to provide a quality education for our students. Responsible for promoting and supporting arts education in Clayton County.


Initiatives include:

  • Clayton Reads

  • Little Libraries

  • Voter Education

  • Arts Education


Economic Development & Beautification

Increase the businesses in Clayton County for greater economic development to provide a substantial tax base for the community. Work to ensure a "green" community with aesthetically appealing land and streetscape that demonstrates the County's commitment to a healthy environment that citizens can be proud of and is inviting to potential new business development.

Initiatives include:

  • Small Business Tours

  • Liaison to City Government

  • Shop Buy Local

  • Beautification

Health & Wellness

To promote awareness and events contributing to the physical and mental well-being of Clayton County.

Initiatives include:

  • Mental Health

  • Women's Health

  • Physical Health


Leadership / Civic Engagement

To encourage collaboration among elected officials and stakeholders for the betterment of Clayton County. Represents WOCC at community/political meetings that impact our daily lives, provides a summary of these meetings to WOCC, and when appropriate, speaks on issues strategically approved in advance by WOCC to ensure our message is being communicated correctly.

Initiatives include:

  • Local Meetings & Events

  • Leadership Programs

  • Strategic Partnerships

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