2019-2020 Initiatives


Ensure all stakeholders are vested and committed to providing a quality education for our students to prepare them for a global economy.


Initiatives include:

  • Goodnight Clayton

  • Clayton Reads


Economic Development

Increase the businesses in Clayton County for greater economic development to provide a substantial tax base for the community.

Initiatives include:

  • Small Business Tours

  • Liaison to City Government

  • Goodnight Clayton

Community Development / Beautification

Ensure that we are a “Green” community, with aesthetically appealing land and streetscape that demonstrate the County’s commitment to a healthy environment that the citizens can be proud of and inviting to potential new business development. 


Initiatives include:

  • Beautification

  • Environment

  • Goodnight Clayton

Leadership  & Civic Engagement

Encourage collaboration among elected officials for the betterment of Clayton County. Represent WOCC at community and political meetings that impact our daily lives, provide a summary of these meetings to WOCC and when appropriate speak on issues that have been strategically approved in advance by WOCC to ensure our message is being communicated correctly. 


Initiatives include:

  • Local Meetings & Events

  • ARC Civic Dinner

  • Leadership Programs

  • Goodnight Clayton

  • 2020 US Census

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