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Women of Clayton County is a community organization of women committed to driving positive changes in Clayton County through strategic collaborations with our county leaders, businesses, and residents. Since July 2016, we have been Clayton County’s partner in progress, development, and leadership so we can all live, work, and play in a sustainable environment.


Women of Clayton County (WOCC) welcomes all women residents of Clayton County, GA who value our mission. WOCC uses the following criteria for the consideration of a prospective member:

  • A candidate shall be a female resident of Clayton County, GA.

  • A candidate shall demonstrate a commitment to Clayton County, a passion for service, and show an interest in developing her potential for voluntary community participation and leadership.

  • A candidate must demonstrate the ability to lead from behind showing that they can step back and allow the organization to lead and step in front only when there is a need for her to lead from the front.

  • A current, active WOCC member must propose new members for membership.​

  • Please note that WOCC is NOT a social club.  Prospective members must show demonstrated and consistent engagement in WOCC’s initiatives for at least 3 months prior to seeking membership. 

Please follow us on social media and visit our website to stay up to date on our community events and initiatives. 

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