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Lynda Browning, President**


Neena Smith Bankhead, President-Elect

Emory University, Rolins School 

Dr. Donna Jackson, Vice President**

Clayton County Public Schools

Shavawn Simmons, Secretary*

Family Literacy of Georgia

Sandra Henderson, Treasurer**


Rochelle B. Dennis At-Large*

Beak Consulting, LLC

The Women of Clayton County Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Women of Clayton County.  We are an all-volunteer philanthropic organization made up of professional women of all ages, races, and religions who share a common goal: to work together to improve our local community, socially, physically, culturally, educationally, and economically.


The Women of Clayton County is a dynamic force of independent and caring women with strong leadership in our Clayton County, GA community. Our strong, purposeful commitment to our community fosters personal growth, empowerment, and teamwork while giving back to our community. The Women of Clayton County Foundation supports a number of program initiatives in the following areas:


Education & Arts: The purpose is to ensure all stakeholders are vested and committed to providing a quality education for our students to prepare them for a global economy. Educate members and the community about rates of low literacy and stimulate citizen action to address the impact and concerns related to literacy. Additionally, promote and support arts education in Clayton County.

Civic Engagement: Educate members about the importance of active citizenship and encourage participation in related activities. Encourage collaboration among elected officials for the betterment of Clayton County.

Economic Development & Beautification: The purpose is to increase the businesses in Clayton County for greater economic development to provide a substantial tax base for the community. Ensuring that we are a “Green” community, with aesthetically appealing land and streetscape demonstrating the County’s commitment to a healthy environment that the citizens can be proud of and inviting to potential new business development. The objective can be achieved by working in partnership with the Economic Development Authority, Local Businesses and by a direct approach from this committee.


Health & Wellness:  The purpose is to promote awareness and events contributing to the physical and mental well-being of Clayton County.

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